Eyebrows and beauty

Eyebrows and beauty

The monotony of the fashion-conscious young woman's style brings various changes to her eyebrows and beauty, including haircuts. That's why I want to change the shape of the eyebrows. As a result, the look of the eyes and the beauty of the eyes will adjust. Let's find out how to take care of getting a beautiful pair of eyebrows.

Thick-thick eyebrows are the trend now. The new style has come with thick eyebrows, leaving behind the 90's thin and pencil-drawn eyebrows. Now young women do not like drawing groups anymore. Trim as little as possible to get naturally thick and thick eyebrows. Repeated plaque or waxing interferes with the normal development of the eyebrows.

What to do for eyebrows and beauty

In this context, a beautician said, eyebrows and beauty are a regular thing now. All the teenage girls of today love it. However, if the eyebrows are plaque or waxed, the new eyebrows will not grow evenly even if they grow. It usually takes 2-3 months for the eyebrows to grow well. However, if you want to make thick eyebrows, it is better not to touch them.

Plaque or waxing

If you want thick eyebrows, refrain from plucking or waxing for a while. Don't forget to use tweezers at home. Frequent eyebrow plaque causes the eyebrows to narrow. If the eyebrows look messy during makeup, cover the extra eyebrows with concealer.


Exfoliate regularly. This will thicken the eyebrows. This will facilitate the growth of hair on the surface of the skin. Continue to brush your eyebrows twice a day with the help of the baby brush. Brush in the direction of eyebrow growth.

Natural Hair Growth

Apply olive oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil on the eyebrows with the help of Q Tip. It will be good eyebrows, and eyebrow health will be good.

Necessary advice

** Mascara can be used all the time to make the petals look thicker. The petals will look thicker if used a few times.

** You can also use artificial petals. In addition to less frequent, more frequent, several eyelashes or petals are available in the market. You can use it by understanding age and environment.

** Do not itch and rub your eyes loudly if you have dandruff.

** Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins regularly.