Things to do For Exercise after a Long Break

Things to do For Exercise after a Long Break

There is no substitute for exercise to survive heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, arthritis. Even to stay healthy and strengthen the body's immune system. It can be sweating, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, fitness-dancing, etc.

Exercise After a Long Break

If you go to exercise after a long break, the body will not respond as before. Excluding one week of continuous practice reduces muscle strength and even dries out muscles, especially in the field. That's why if you can jog 5 km a month ago, if you want to go to that level on the first day after the break, there may be a danger.

The muscles will not respond as suddenly, and the heart will not be able to keep pace. This can lead to accidents. If you want to exercise after a break, it is essential to consult a doctor in some instances. Mainly the power of the heart, whether the blood panel is right - it is also necessary to know.

Many viral attacks cause inflammation of the heart muscle. In this case, heavy exercise can lead to death. This is called running to end. Covid-19 causes inflammation in the heart muscle. So don't get infected, get well, and start exercising with some rest.

If someone develops heart disease due to unstable angina, then exercise can be a considerable risk factor. Start exercising considering your age, gender, physical fitness, presence of disease, previous physical fitness. Going to a two-kilometer jog in a hurry after a long break for a heart attack is suicidal.

For this reason, its level should be increased periodically. Walk 10 minutes if necessary at the beginning. Increase the time after two three days. Thus increase from fifteen to twenty-five minutes to half an hour. At the end of 4 weeks, you will see that there is no problem even if you walk for half an hour. As the muscles respond, so does the heartbeat or control.

Achieving the ability to exercise 150 minutes a week is enough for physical fitness. In the beginning, you need to do exercises to increase muscle strength. Because exercising with weak muscles can cause joint pain. However, there may be some muscle pain in the beginning. If so, the exercise should not be given up. Instead, it would be best if you healed yourself with light exercise.

In many cases, alternative exercises can be planned. For example, if you can't walk due to knee pain, then swim. Such alternative thoughts must also be kept in mind. You have to warm up before starting the exercise. You can't run on the field. In the beginning, shake the joints of the hands and feet. Stretching back and forth, right and left. When heated, the body becomes ready to work.

At the end of the exercise, slowly bring the body back to normal. It's called Cool Down. This will get your heart and lungs back to normal. When exercising, you should drink enough water so that the body does not become dehydrated.