Cause of Old Age Brain Problem

Cause of Old Age Brain Problem

The cause of brain problems in the old age

Significant advances in medicine, public awareness, nutrition, and health care, diagnostics and its essential treatments, heart disease, liver or kidney disease, and even more complex surgeries have reduced mortality, increased life expectancy, and grew older adults in the world getting. Aging is the last, inevitable, and normal stage of human life.

If death does not occur prematurely or for any other reason, everyone must taste old age. Many problems can be avoided by avoiding them carefully or tactfully. But the relationship between birth and death is the same as the relationship between old age and survival. The Creator did not leave a respite from this brutal inviolable reality of life. However, because of age-related diseases, the average life expectancy is increasing. And the number of older adults is also increasing.

As we age, the human body loses its ability to cope with adversity, and aging changes, and various diseases begin to take root in the body. In old age, various changes take place in the body naturally. One of which is a brain problem.

The type of change that occurs with age is called "brain atrophy." As a result, the normal functioning of the brain is disrupted. Dementia or dementia can even lead to Alzheimer's disease, which further reduces brain activity. This problem is usually seen in people in their sixties.

In addition, dizziness, amputation of hands and feet, called "Parkinson's disease," etc., various types of brain diseases are also seen among old age. This is because, with age, brain problems can occur spontaneously. However, head injuries, high blood pressure, other chronic diseases, excessive anxiety, hereditary causes can also cause such issues.

Symptoms of brain disease in the old age

** When there is a problem in the brain, it is seen that regular behavior changes, conscious people also behave like a child, personality changes. Many times people do not understand what kind of behavior he is doing.

** Unnecessarily angry, irritable, irritable, sleep-deprived. Severe memory impairment occurs, especially when one cannot remember recent events but cannot forget many years old.

** Can't eat or drink properly, has difficulty urinating, has difficulty speaking.

** At one stage, he fell asleep. The frustration grows, and the mentality of giving up works.

Treatment of brain disease in the old age

Brain disease in old age is not quite good. There is no specific treatment. Physicians usually understand the symptoms and recommend helpful medications. Old age health problems are a specialized branch of medical science. Necessary tests should be done to identify any other diseases. This age can often lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, etc. Some disorders are observed only in old age. So in both cases of medicine and food, adults need to be careful.

Family responsibilities to the old age

Many diseases occur in old age; there are no specific symptoms, older people do not feel them properly or cannot express them well. It is often seen that geriatric age patients with very complex or severe illnesses talk about general fatigue, weakness, discomfort. In such cases, the family does not pay attention. Even many physicians do not pay proper attention, perhaps because of aging. Thus, many diseases cannot be cured due to negligence.

In these cases, the family has to play the most significant role. The empathetic attitude of the family members towards the elders is critical. For example, the patient should be fed a balanced diet, regular exercise should be arranged, and recreation should be placed. Only family support and proper care can cure such a patient.