Korean Summer Makeup

Korean Summer Makeup

Mirror skin

Glass skin is a very familiar word to those who decorate. Glass skin is very fresh, shiny, and transparent. And this type of skin is if the skin can be taken care of in the right way regularly. Corona had the opportunity to take regular skincare for many due to being at home at this time. As a result, glass skin has gained popularity among many.

The specialty of glass skin is that the skin is so smooth and shiny that reflection can be found. Dew Foundation and Concealer are used to get this skin type. Glass skin requires cleansing oil to cleanse the skin. Also, use hydrating facial mint, skin essence, serum, and moisturizer.

When applying makeup, mix one or two drops of Dew Foundation with moisturizer or facial oil and use it on the face. Especially if there are spots on the front, however, the less makeup you use in the heat, the better it will look.

Mauve Eye Makeup

When you use purple or pink eye shadow, it usually looks very bold. However, in hot weather, Mauve color eye shadow will give a trading look. However, both pink and purple can be called Mauve colors. Even then, various shades of gray are suitable for hot weather as Mauve color.

Pink, brown lipstick

Fruit-colored lipsticks such as watermelon, strawberry, and orange were trendy in the Korean lipstick trend last year. But this summer, the Gyro colors have gone and replaced the various shades of pink. At the same time, Chikban is also getting pink, which makes the natural look in the makeup.

Taupe Eye shadow

Taupe summer trend in eye shadow colors. Eye shadow is best when combined with skin makeup. The specialty of using this color eye shadow is to find a kind of look like Smoky Eye. In addition, makeup also brings a soft romantic feeling. You can create both glitter and natural looks using Taupe Eye shadow.

Plaque-free eyebrows

The trend of plucked eyebrows is no more. Natural brushed eyebrows have now been added to the makeup trend. As a result, on the one hand, it saves time while doing bro plaque; on the other hand, natural freshness can be found in the face. Whether the eyebrows are thick or thick, light or straight or curved, that is your style statement. So a spooling brush is enough to scratch the eyebrows anyway. You can use bro gel by brushing eyebrows. Also, if you feel empty in any place, you can draw a little with an eye pencil.