Nutritious Food for the Skin in winter

Nutritious Food for the Skin in winter

Nutritious Food for the Skin in winter

Winter is a much-awaited time for everyone. Even then, the arrival of winter means a little extra care, extra worry. We have to think a lot about winter clothes, skin, hair and physical well-being. Because of the dry weather of winter, the skin loses its average moisture quickly and the skin cracks. The incidence of dandruff also increases during the winter. Each of us has different skin types or characteristics. Nutritious foods play an essential role in taking care of different skin types.

We all know that nutritious, balanced food plays the only role in keeping our body parts beautiful, healthy and active. We see the reflection of what we eat in our body.

When you get nutrition from inside the body, the beauty of the skin lasts. For this, you must have nutritious food in your diet every day. Lots of vegetables and fruits are available in winter to contain very beneficial nutrients for skin and hair.

These are the ingredients that are most important for the skin.......

** Foods with vitamin C. It is an antioxidant, which is very beneficial for the skin. Sour fruits, green vegetables and green peppers are sources of vitamin C.

** Vitamin E is a valuable nutrient for skin and hair. Necessary vitamin E can be obtained from almond or olive oil.

** Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for the skin. We can get omega-3 from marine fish, nuts etc.

** Beta carotene is a nutrient that is beneficial for the skin. We get beta carotene from yellow vegetables and fruits.

** Water plays a significant role in keeping the skin fresh and beautiful. Therefore, 3 to 4 liters of Water should be taken daily. In that case, you must understand your physical condition and correct the measurement of Water. If necessary, you can take the advice of an expert.

Hair and skincare in winter must eat some food every day. Remember that one day's food will not meet your daily needs.

Everyday Tips for Winter Skin Care:

** Eat winter vegetable salad with food every day.

** In the morning, eat one spoon with ginger powder with Honey.

** Eat 40 grams of nuts every day.

** You can take more lemon with food.

** Eat one orange, guava, black grape, one after each meal.

** Eat three spoons of Pomegranate juice once a day.

** You can eat yogurt once after lunch.

** Honey can be given on hair and face. After giving Honey, leave it for a while and wash it well.

** Drink lukewarm Water instead of cold Water.

** Get enough sleep every day.

** Eat one boiled egg every day. Because the team contains the carotenoid lute-in, which protects our skin from lycopene UV damage.